Bus fare and Timing

Bhutan Post operates passenger bus service between Phuntsholing to Kolkata and Thimphu to Phuntsholing.

Bus Tickets are sold from GPO counters, Thimphu and Phuntsholing.

Phuntsholing – Kolkota

Name of Route Fare Departure Timing Departure Schedule
Phuntsholing to Kolkata 653/- 03.00PM (BST) Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Kolkata to Phuntsholing 653/- 07.00PM (IST) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Thimphu – Phuntsholing

Bhutan Post Express Coaster Bus travels everyday from Thimphu to Phuntsholing and from Phuntsholing to Thimphu.

Name of Route Fare Departure Timming Departure From
Thimphu to Phuntsholing 248/- 07.00AM Thimphu GPO premises
Phuntsholing to Thimphu 248/- 07.00AM Phuntsholing GPO premises

For Bus Tickets and other information, please call:
00975 17677538 (Thimphu GPO) opened Monday – Sunday from 06:30AM – 07:00PM

00975 05 253350/17615974 (Phuntsholing GPO) opened Monday – Sunday from 06:30AM – 07:00PM

0091 3322487734/9830723944/9831720574 (Kolkata Bus Terminal, Esplanade) opened Monday – Sunday from 09:30AM – 06:00PM (IST)