Bhutan Post hands over City Bus Service to Thimphu Thromde

Bhutan Post hands over the management and operations of City Bus Service to Thimphu Thromde on 6th April 2020 in line with the directives of the Cabinet in a simple handing over ceremony held at the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC), Thimphu. The Hon’ble Minister for MoIC, Hon’ble Secretary of MoIC, Director General of Department of Macroeconomic Affairs, Dasho Thrompon of Thimphu Thromde, Officiating CEO of Bhutan Post and officers from MoIC, Ministry of Finance (MoF), Thimphu Thromde and City Bus Service attended the function.

A Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the MoIC, MoF and Thimphu Thromde to ensure reliable, efficient, accessible and affordable City Bus Service in Thimphu Thromde through proper management, regulatory regime and adequate budgetary support from the Government.

Bhutan Post took over the operations of City Bus Service from the then Thimphu Municipal Corporation in 2001 following the Cabinet order of December 2000. The Officiating CEO of Bhutan Post thanked the stake holders, the Government and the staff of City Bus Service for the full support that Bhutan Post received for nearly two decades while managing and operating City Bus Service.