50th Letter Writing Competition

Bhutan Post is pleased to invite interested Bhutanese students for 50th international Letter Writing Competition.

Write a letter to a family member about your experiance of covid-19

Participate in 50th International Letter writing competition organized by Universal Postal Union (UPU);
Terms and Condition;
1. Competition is open to young people up to the age of 15.
2. Composition must respect the theme and not be more than 1000 words
3. Composition must be hand written and presented in the form of a letter.
At national level, the prizes include:
1st Prize; Personalized stamp and a certificate each along with a cash prize of Nu.7000/-, 2nd Prize: Nu.5000/-, 3rd Prize: Nu.3000/. And certificate to top 30 participants.
Send your letter before April 7, 2021 to postalmuseum@bhutanpost.bt
For more information, kindly contact in 02334444/extension-2006 or visit www.bhutanpost.bt