RICBL Insurance Agent

Bhutan Post is the Corporate Agent of RICBL and our trained staff  provides both Life and Non-life Insurance services through all our post offices. We entered into Agreement with RICBL on 07/05/2021.

Postal Transit Insurance:

For lost items Bhutan Post pays our customers 130SDR for non-documents and 30SDR for documents, exchange rate calculated at prevailing rate on the date of claim payment.

We also now provide insurance facility to insure your expensive items which are in transit. You can insure almost everything:

Postal Instant Cover for Expensive items:

Consignment: Fresh Matsutake, Chodrom, silk gho & kira, honey, cordyceps etc.

Insurance Period: 3 months

Coverage: Worldwide and within Bhutan

Mode: Air, land & sea

Basis of valuation: Insured’s declared value/Invoice value

Rate: 0.31% (fixed rate for all)

Deductible excess: 20% of consignment value

Coverage: ALL Risk

  • Loss/damage to subject matter
  • Theft, non-delivery and anonymous losing
  • Transshipment Risks

Exclusions: Standard Exclusion

  • Mis-delivery arising out of incorrectness or incomplete address written by sender/insured
  • Damage /lost content cases where there is no visible damage to the package
  • Fraud

Claims Procedure

  • Intimate Bhutan Post and lodge a written complaint on the lost item immediately on non-delivery, along with the tracking number of consignment.
  • Claim forms, report of non-delivery from counterpart, photographs, invoices (if any) and tracking details, on collection  shall be submitted to RICBL and loss refunded.

Cover Note form available here

For other Non-Life general insurance, please visit the following link:


For Life Insurance product details, please visit the following link:


All these Insurance services can be available through any of our post offices. The contact details of the Insurance Agents as given below:

List of RICBL Corporate Agent Representatives

Sl.No Name Registered Office Contact No Email Address
1 Chencho Lham Thimphu GPO  77482161  Chechey162@gmail.com
2 Namkha Gyeltshen Thimphu GPO  17620336 ng81.bhutan@gmail.com
4 Tshering Dendup Thimphu GPO  17863985  Tsheringden003@gmail.com
5 Sherab Wangmo Ugyen Dzong PO  17885658  ugenwangmo@yahoo.com
5 Sangay Zangmo Punakha PO  17730378  Punakha@bhutanpost.bt
6 Tshering dorji Wangdue PO  17944955  
7 Ugyen Phuntsho Gasa PO    gasa@bhutanpost.bt
8 Pema Wangmo Paro PO    paro@bhutanpost.bt
9 Sonam Haa PO    haa@bhutanpost.bt
10 Pem HQ  77308050  pem@bhutanpost.bt
11 Ugyen Tshomo HQ  17248632  Ugyen.tshomo@bhutanpost.bt
  Name Registered Office    
12 Lingay Dubjur Gelephu GPO  17619373  lingaydubjur@bhutanpost.bt
13 Pasang Wangmo Gelephu GPO  77389190 Wangmopasang81@gmail.com  
14 Choney Jamtsho Gelephu GPO  17369976  Choneyjamtsho743@gmail.com
15 Hari Kumar Karki Sarpang PO  17794226  Sarpang@bhutanpost.bt
16 Mongalay Rai Tsirang PO  17301519  raimongalay@gmail.com
17 Tashi Choden Trongsa PO  77357573  Trongsa@gmail.com
18 Tsechey Wangmo Bumthang PO  17503853  Bumthang@bhutanpost.bt
19 Yeshi Waangmo Chumey PO  17844660  chumey@bhutanpost.bt
20 Sangay Chozom Dagana PO  17633378 Dagana@bhutanpost.bt  
21 Neten Dorji Drujegang PO  17532350  Drujegang@bhutanpost.bt
22 Sonam Dorji Zhemgang PO  17767550  Zhemgang@bhutanpost.bt
23 Dawa Gyalpo Tingtibi PO  17437373  Tingtibi@bhutanpost.bt
24 Rinchen Choda Pangbang PO    pangbang@bhutanpost.bt
  Name Registered Office    
25 Kelzang Tobgay P/Ling GPO  17572273  town@bhutanpost.bt
26 Tashi Yangden P/Ling GPO  17518226  Tashiyangden2@gmail.com
27 Singye Rinzin Tsimasham PO  17633299  tsimasham@bhutanpost.bt
28 Sonam Yuden Gedu PO  77629676  Gedu@bhutanpost.bt
29 San Bdr Gurung Samtse PO  17660649  Samtse@bhutanpost.bt
30 Chabi Lal Chapagai Gomtu PO  77694117  gomtu@bhutanpost.bt
31 Saran Kumar Gurung Lhamozingkha PO  17666677  lhamozingkha@bhutanpost.bt
Sl.No Name of PM GPO/Post Offices    
32 Tshering Chophel S/J GPO  17736475  Tchophel1992@gmail.com
33 Ugyen Wangmo S/J GPO  17796993 wumter@bhutanpost.bt  
34 Hari Maya Gurung Deothang PO  176333683  deothang@bhutanpost.bt
35 Lham Wangchuk Trashigang PO  17706001 trashigang@bhutanpost.bt  
36 Ugyen Wamrong PO  17531080  wamrong@bhutanpost.bt
37 Pema Kelzang Khaling PO  17733342  Khaling@bhutanpost.bt
38 Kinley Yangchen Kanglung PO  17641740 Kanglung@bhutanpost.bt  
39 Pema Yangdon Mongar PO  17678826  monger@bhutanpost.bt
40 Sangay Droji Gyalposhing PO  17688294  gyelposhing@bhutanpost.bt
41 Pema Dorji Trashiyangtse PO  17245659  Trashiyangtse@bhutanpost.bt
42 Rinchen Tshering SamdrupCholing PO  17946644  samdrupcholing@bhutanpost.bt
43 Kinzang Norbu Jomotshangkha PO  17714963  jomotshangkha@bhutanpost.bt
44 Pelden cheda Lhuntse PO  17787911  lhuentse@bhutanpost.bt
45 Kinzang Thinley Rangjung PO  17515148  ranjung@bhutanpost.bt
46 Norbu Nanglam PO  17741600  nganglam@bhutanpost.bt
47 Phuntsho Dorji Pemagatsel PO  17246364  pemagatshel@bhutanpost.bt
48 Cheten Norbu Duksum PO  77419554  Duksum@bhutanpost.bt